I have a one-acre lot that needs to be cleared. How much will it cost?

We wish there could be a one-size-fits-all answer, but there are many variables that determine the cost of clearing: How heavily is the land wooded? What kind of trees? What kind of access do we have for heavy equipment and large trucks? How far will the debris need to be hauled for disposal? We offer free estimates on all our potential jobs. It’s our pleasure to come to your site to discuss your needs, evaluate the variables, and give you a price.

Which is better: a concrete driveway or an asphalt driveway?

It depends.
Concrete might be best if:

  1. The driveway is in open sunlight; sun helps keep concrete bleached to a whiter appearance.
  2. There is little or no tree coverage. Leaves, droppings, and seedpods tend to stain concrete, creating more maintenance in keeping it clean. Also, tree roots growing under concrete can lift, damage, or crack the rigid surface.
  3. Large service or delivery trucks are not likely to drive on the surface. Standard concrete driveways can’t bear the load of heavy vehicles or equipment.

Asphalt might be best if:

  1. You’re surfacing a large driveway. Asphalt is more economical in large quantity than concrete.
  2. The area around the driveway is heavily wooded. Asphalt is darker than concrete and doesn’t show stains as readily.
  3. Large service or delivery trucks are likely to drive on the surface to access the rear of your property, or to service your pool, deliver propane, etc.

How much area will one dump truck load of lime rock cover?

It will cover about 600 square feet at a thickness of 6 inches.

Do you do building demolition?

Yes, we can handle demolition projects of almost any size. Some older buildings may require an environmental audit to determine the presence of asbestos or other regulated materials. Those materials will need to be removed by a licensed removal contractor prior to the demolition project. We can help you make those arrangements.