O’Steen Brothers is the first in Gainesville to install new Up-Flo Filter, an advanced stormwater treatment system, on Amazon Distribution Center project.

By Michael Brown In O'Steen Bros News No comments

O’Steen Brothers is committed to excellence and providing quality stormwater solutions to help protect our environment and reduce runoff. The Up-Flo® Filter has been verified to remove 80% TSS (total suspended solids) but with demonstrated removal rates up to 98%, only the Up-Flo® Filter was developed in collaboration with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The Up-Flo® Filter is the first of it’s kind to be installed in Gainesville. The Up-Flo® Filter is an advanced stormwater best management practice (BMP) that combines sedimentation and screening with filtration to capture sediment, oils, heavy metals and nutrients from stormwater runoff, achieving total suspended solids (TSS) removal rates of up to 98%.

Up-Flo® Filter is a flexible, high-performance treatment solution that can be customized to meet US National Permit Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements specific to a municipality or state. Designed with efficiency, longevity and upkeep in mind, the Up-Flo® Filter has high loading rates and long media life, which means you get high quality water treatment for longer periods between servicings.

The Up-Flo® Filter is perfectly suited to industrial sites, locations contributing runoff to wetlands/protected regions, or any area requiring a high level of treatment.

Here is a video from the manufacturer Hydro International.